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The Bible journaling method called LIFE Starter was developed to create an easy, yet effective way for people to study the Bible, remember what they read and allow their hearts to get ignited for Jesus Christ.

Program Contents:

Session #1  
Discuss What the Bible Says About Being Too Busy

Intro, and review your busyness assessment and answer the question WHY busyness can be destructive for our Godly relationships.

Session #2  
Are YOU a “BusyAholic?”


Any fixation, other than God, is an idol.

Session #3  
Slower Pace 3

We need a slower pace to experience better relationships filled with refreshing time margin & deep intimacy!

Session #4  
Peace in Chaos


We need internal & external peace to function at our best, so why allow so much chaos in our lives?

Session #5
Biblical Balance

One of our greatest challenges is finding balance in our Christian life.

Session #6
What Is the Sabbath?

Sabbath comes from the word Shabbath which essentially, means “a day of rest.”

Session #7
Why did God give us the Sabbath?


God wants us to trust Him, because we fall apart if we don’t rest.

Session #8
Does Sabbath still matter today?


It’s difficult to take a whole day off in our society, which expects us to run at full capacity all the time.

Session #9
What are YOUR Next Steps?

Wrap up and implementing the “next step” plan.