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The Bible journaling method called LIFE Starter was developed to create an easy, yet effective way for people to study the Bible, remember what they read and allow their hearts to get ignited for Jesus Christ.

Program Contents:

Session #1  
LIFE Business Intro

Pastor Cory Welch opens this study with an intro to the meaning of servant leadership and the stories that will be shared during this study to give real life business testimonies on how to share the Gospel

Session #2  
Servant Leadership


Phil Holliday and Pastor Cory Welch talk about the true meaning of servant leadership

Session #3  
Practices of Servant Leadership

First the priorities of Jesus were to develop his disciples, build them into a trusting team and then send them out to conquer the world

Session #4  
Sharing Jesus at Work


Matt Dickersheid shares about how God will equip you to be “THAT GUY” (or gal)!

Session #5
I’m NOT That Guy

We need the power of God’s Spirit. We need His help to stay encouraged, to love, to exercise self-control

Session #6
Iron Sharpens Iron

This takes time and is definitely not the easy way out, but it will train the hearts of our children and be better for them in the long run

Session #7
Build a Jesus Culture at Work


Look at your work culture and decide if the vision of your organization is clear. Why do you exist? Why do you get up in the morning and go to work?

Session #8
Work-Life Balance


We find so much of our identity in our work and God created and designed us for work. But like any good thing, work can become an idol. And when work becomes an idol we end up sacrificing to it. We sacrifice our families; we sacrifice our health; we sacrifice our hearts, our time, and our joy

Session #9
Study Wrap-Up

Discuss your takeaways and next steps as well as improvement areas for this study