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Taylor Hart

I came to Christ at a young age. It’s easy to hear with jealousy the testimonies of others who came to Christ later in life, caught fire for God at the moment of salvation, and seemed to be changed in an instant, as if somehow by coming to Christ as a child I’d missed out on being molded and perfected by God. But, that’s not the case. All along, God has been shaping me, pruning me, and preparing me to be used by Him for His glory. He’s not done with me yet! I’ve been walking with God for most of my life, at times closer than others, and rest in His promise to work in me to both desire and carry out His good purpose for me. I sensed a call to full-time music ministry in high school, and God directed my steps to Liberty University to receive training. Eventually, God opened the door to vocational ministry at PBC. It has been far and away the best season of my life, and I can’t wait to see how the Lord continues to mold me and use me for His glory! The times I’ve felt the most satisfied and the closest to God have been in intimate times of worship with Him, where I have felt Him speak directly to the deepest needs of my heart and have responded in joyful gratitude for His love for me. I pray that these times would become part of my daily experience as I draw closer to Him, and that He would use me to lead others to experience Him in this way! God blessed me with a wonderful wife in 2019, and a golden retriever in 2020. We are currently living in Ranson, WV in our first house!