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World Missionaries

Missionary of the Month


Hayward & Barbara Paul

Hayward & Barbara Paul take multiple trips each year to reach Romanians and help spread the Gospel to the area.

To find ways to help you can email: [email protected]


Andrew & Karlayne Powars

The Powars partner with Cru to serve international students in the D.C. Area

To find ways to help you can email: [email protected]


Pastor Evans

Pastor Evans works with youth and their families to bring the Gospel to the country of Haiti.

To find ways to help you can email: [email protected]


Glenn & Christine Pruitt

The Pruitt family work with their children in Waxhaw, North Carolina. They work with a team of translators to help make new translations to reach people around the world. 

To find ways to help you can email: [email protected]


Joe & Denise Holman

Joe and Denise Holman serve Ghana and help to spread the Gospel to those in need!

To find ways to help you can email: [email protected]

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Undisclosed Missionary

Our missionary partners with a national-led ministry in southeast Asia that cares for girls who have been rescued from trafficking as well as other children who are at high risk for being trafficked.


Dr. Michael & Cheryl Gayle

Dr. Michael & Cheryl Gayle work to help serve the people of TOGO as they suffer through the pandemic. 

To find ways to help you can email: [email protected]


The Phillips, serving with the For All Mankind Movement, are partnering with Purcellville Baptist Church,  to initiate, nurture and facilitate disciple-making and church planting in the Eastern Region of Nepal. Our goal is to see a movement of making disciples who can make disciples and in turn plant churches in the places where there are no churches throughout that region.


Gary & Debbie Schneider

The Schneiders work with the families of Zambia as they navigate the pandemic and spread the gospel.

To find ways to help you can email: [email protected]


Joel & Lauren Fletcher

Their Mission: facilitating bible translation and sustainable agriculture discipleship.

God has given Joel and Lauren different passions. Joel loves farming and sustainable agriculture, while Lauren is gifted in linguistics, language, and culture.  In the Lord’s perfect way, He has brought them to SEND International where there are opportunities for their two giftings to exist together. 


Jacob & Lauren Fraher

Jacob and Lauren Frayer, along with their four children, serve impoverished children in Kenya seeking life-saving medical care. Their ministry is Mustard Seed House, which provides Christian care for families who travel far from home for the medical needs of their children.

The Mustard Seed House
Their Mission: caring for the sick and suffering in Jesus Name!

“We treat but Jesus heals”


Juan & Celestina Aguilar

Juan & Celestina Aguilar work hard to serve the people of Guatemala and spread the Gospel to the area.

To find ways to help you can email: [email protected]


Peter and Ana Lucaciu

Their Mission:  We are voices and hands sharing the love of Christ with the people in Romania and beyond.

REMM stands for Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission—we’re a Christian humanitarian organization based in Romania. It all started with medical outreaches in the 90s, and today our ministries come in all different shapes and sizes: from building low-cost homes for needy Roma families to running a music camp for hundreds of kids. We’re a small, family ministry doing big things. We believe God uses “small” people and organizations to show His glory. For nearly 30 years, we’ve had the great privilege to serve those around us who are in need—from starting the very first foster care program in Romania to planting churches in marginalized Roma communities. The cherry on top is that we get to partner with amazing individuals and teams all over the world. 

Contact:  [email protected]
[email protected]