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Saturate every gathering, meeting, rehearsal, activity, and service with prayer so that people sense the presence of God’s Spirit and are led to respond in an attitude of love and obedience.

Cultivate an attitude of humility and desperation for the Spirit and power of God, looking to Christ, the true Worship leader.

Worship Team

Deploying the Creative Arts

Create a Sunday service environment, utilizing all of the creative arts that will impact the cross section of individual life experiences and passions with an emphasis on the next generation through worship style, lighting, decor, and communication that provide a divine moment for people to respond through prayer, salvation, Baptism, and Communion.

Recruit, disciple and equip individuals in the use of the creative and technical arts to support the worship team and choir.

Small Group Integration

Ensure that the various creative arts teams and choir operate as small groups through Christain love, prayer, discipleship, and fellowship that contributes to experiencing the abundant life in Christ.

Encourage team members to eagerly desire and utilize their Spiritual Gifts, growing collectively and individually closer to the Lord and affecting the Kingdom for God’s glory.

Worship Team
Worship Team

Be in a spirit of prayer and continually cast a vision for how the Lord would have the team operate for His glory, and cultivate growth through outside training and worship experiences, such as conferences, workshops, etc.

Share the Gospel

Walk in obedience to the Great Commission by boldly taking the Gospel outside the walls of PBC through musical appearances, Spirit-led prayer walking, humanitarian outreach, and more in the Name of Jesus.